Band of The Week – Ovlov

Last night #Jukeboxy went out to Shea Stadium in Brooklyn to check out the Friday night bill of Garcia Peoples, Mannequin Pussy, Ovlov, and Krill.

Garcia Peoples started off the show with a subtle bang, getting the crowd to pay attention and touch shoulders towards their third or fourth song.

After them, Mannequin Pussy came on – getting all the tall boys in the audience a little excited and sweaty. They closed their set with a cover of The Contours “Do you Love Me? (Now That I Can Dance)” which resulted in lead singer/guitarist Marisita Dabeast convulsing and squealing on the floor. It was pretty cool.

Krill closed the night only playing one song from their newest EP, Steve Hears Pile In Malden And Bursts Into Tears. Despite that their set was amazing and gave the crowd more than they could even expect.

But the set that really stole the night was the Newtown, Connecticut Indie Rock group, Ovlov. After Mannequin Pussy had given everyone the feels, Ovlov seemed to grab us by the shirt and shake us relentlessly. It was a blistering set, birthed by shoegazeish guitar, and the surprisingly catchy melodies of Steve Hartlett (vocals/guitar). We chose Ovlov as Jukeboxy’s band of the week simply because their dazzling riffs and hooks melted our knees last night, even though they borrowed fellow Indie Band LVL UP’s drummer, Gorge (who must’ve learned those songs in like 2 days). Bottom line is, they are truly an amazing young act.

Ovlov Bandcamp:

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