Band of The Week – Vivre Sa Vie

Vivre Sa Vie, a Dream Pop band from the heart of the hot-bed Philly scene, is our Jukeboxy Band of The Week.

Their influences scale from considerably established acts, such as, The Strokes, Diiv, Blink 182, The Cure, and Prince, to up and coming bands in the Philly/Boston/New York area, such as Brooklyn’s Dream Pop love-child, Porches (A past Jukeboxy Band of The Week selection).

After meeting at mutual friend’s parties, Samuel Roland, Andrew Migliore, and Sam Boles (all Cheltenham, Pennsylvania natives) noticed an immediate musical chemistry. After adding Jake Holden (“from somewhere in New Zealand”), their sound began to morph into the Dreamy-pop-punkish-emo-revival plethora of sound it is today.

For a while, Roland (lead vocals) had been playing the role of vagabond , sleeping on peoples floors, roaming from place to place, living with he knew, and inadvertently, surviving off the Philly music scene.

As karma decided to ensue, Roland stumbled upon an oasis in the form of the warehouse the band now lives in. “It was an opportunity I just couldn’t pass on,” the singer commented.

From then on the band began to squat in the venue, using their connections with Out Of Town Films to host a wide variety of shows, and make new, notable connections in one of the most lively music scenes in the country.

At the house, bands such as Pangea, Mumblr, The Districts (a former Jukeboxy Band of The Week selection), and Drgn King have played shows that helped perpetuate their popularity, and gain a foothold in the music world.

Now it’s Vivre’s turn.

The band recently went on tour across the eastern side of the US, playing in Detroit, Pittsburgh, Chicago, Bloomington, The Carolinas, and D.C.

“It was great, we learned a lot of shit. One time we ran out of gas on the highway and Sam Boles had to ride his skateboard down to the nearest gas station. We also played a show in Pittsburgh where there were only 12 people and literally none of them were female.” – Vivre Sa Vie

But the band’s favorite show was one that truly exemplified who they are, and where they’re from.

“We played a house called The Mansion in North Philly. We went on with Sun Club, Sea Life, and The Districts (who were known for one night only as Eight Legged Prawn). It was a really great time. There were more than two hundred wild college kids dancing their asses off in a stinky North-Philly basement. The perfect show, in a nutshell.” – Vivre Sa Vie

The band is currently curating a new album, and booking shows as we speak. You can catch their self-released single on their band camp ( ), and also now streaming on the #Jukeboxy app under the “Best of Indie Rock” playlist!

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