What Kind of Music is Right for My Business?

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Businesses often ask us, ‘What music is right for my business?’

That’s easy; always play music that makes customers comfortable!  Your business caters to the needs of your patrons; look at the casinos in Vegas.  Oxygen pumped into the air conditioning to keep players awake, climate control to ensure inside temperature is just perfect, a loud ring as machines pay winners every couple of minutes, and lighting that keeps you guessing if it is day or night outside.  All they need is moneyed people to walk through the door – the house always wins!

Simply put one man’s noise is another’s music.  The secret is to play something that makes customers want to stay.  Good advertising can get customers into your store, but it’s the ambiance that makes them stay.  You ensure the wallpaper and lighting in the store are perfect, air conditioning just right, shelves have merchandise displayed attractively, staff is well groomed and attentive, and some nice music plays in the background.  The staff manages the music but spends considerable time flipping through tracks while customers are left to fend for themselves and you lose business.  A reputed background music provider like Jukeboxy provides over 25 million songs in regularly updated, venue-based playlists.  Jukeboxy music is licensed by BMI, ASCAP, and SESAC and you actually save a ton of money in the bargain.

Considerable research exists on the influence of music on patrons – peppy music for boutiques targeted at teens, grunge music for dive bars, and classical music or jazz playing in high-end stores.  Louder music in bars has been proven to increase sales as patrons tend to talk less and drink more, and drinking songs make patrons stay longer at the bar, well past closing time!  The Jukeboxy Venue Player can be installed on your Apple or Android tablet and has 100s of curated playlists arranged by genre and by venue type. Jukeboxy even offers professional curation services for brand recognition so you can have specific music that the customer associates with your offering across all touch points – lobby music, hold music, and even music that plays in your store.



Jukeboxy Customer Mignon Faget


It is very important that businesses procure the appropriate music licenses from ASCAP and BMI before they play music; the fines alone have put people out of business.  It is better to have different playlists playing at different times of the day – just scroll through the hundreds of playlists or call your Jukeboxy Account Manager on 844-666-5853 for suggestions!  Research suggests that music of a lower tempo at a lower volume in the mornings and at lunchtime helps customer wander around your store and experience more merchandise.  Something a little faster and at a higher volume towards closing time helps customers quicken their shopping pace.  Soothing music near the checkout counters helps customers relax and not mind the queue.  Supermarkets can play soft music that encourages customers to spend more time shopping, and the features of Jukeboxy allow them to announce special offers during playback.  Have a bar and want to extend happy hours an extra 15 minutes? Schedule it in your Jukeboxy account and surprise the regulars!  Or Plug in your TV using the HDMI input and flash the specials on the big screen!

Similarly, if you are a dentist plays the radio in his waiting room, the hit ‘Driven to Tears’ by Sting may even seem inappropriate.  In these cases, we suggest that you use the Jukeboxy Manager App on your Apple or Android Device to load an appropriate playlist.  Similarly, you can schedule a playlist with soothing music to play in the lobby of your hotel, something a little faster in the signature restaurant at your hotel, and a playlist of the top 100 numbers in the bar.  You can manage the playlists on the Manager App from anywhere in the world to push different playlists to the Venue Player App installed in your store, so the staff can focus on your customers and push up sales!

As Johnny Depp says, “Music touches us emotionally, where words alone can’t.”



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The Influence of Background Music on Shopping Behavior: Classical Versus Top-Forty Music in a Wine Store by Charles S Areni and David Kim of Texas Tech University


Image Credit: Corrine Moncelli

Image Credit: Palmisano Group http://palmisanogroup.com/project/mignon-faget/

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