Explicit Content Not Just Lyrics!


We all know that background music is an essential part of any business and it has proven advantages on customers’ behaviors if used correctly.

Jukeboxy customer support representatives receive this same question every day many times “Do you have explicit content filtering? ” And, our answer is “Yes, we do, and it’s a pretty good one”

At Jukeboxy, we know very well that the content of the music you are playing at your business, especially if you run a family friendly business is very important along with the sound quality and genre selection.

It would be a nightmare for a business owner if their family friendly business plays music that is not appropriate for all ages or that is offensive to some.



We are very selective about which tracks go into our playlists, which don’t and which should be tagged as “explicit” and which shouldn’t.

If a track has a radio edit or a clean version which is appropriate enough to play on the radio, we always use that version. Sometimes, songs don’t have clean versions, in that case, our in-house music directors use their magic tools and remove profanity from the song before it goes into our system.

How about the content? For us, “Explicit” doesn’t mean just curse words, it is also the context of the song. Lyrics that refer to situations or actions that aren’t suitable for all ages and businesses get the “X” from us and are being tagged as “explicit”, and in some cases, we decide not to include the track in our playlists entirely.




Since Jukeboxy Music caters to many different types of businesses from Hotels to Retail Shops to Sports Bars and Restaurants, some of our customers may want to include explicit content, therefore, we give the full control to our customers to include or exclude explicit songs. Every account comes with explicit content “off” by default, so you will only hear family friendly and business appropriate tracks the moment you log-in to your Jukeboxy Venue Player, but you have the option to turn this feature on if you like.

Rest assured, your business is safe with Jukeboxy Music.



Email: info@jukeboxy.com

Website:  www.jukeboxy.com

Phone: 844-666-5853




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