The Power of In-Store Audio Messages

Importance of audio messages in businesses.


It’s a proven fact that background music has a massive effect on consumers’ behaviors. As we already discussed in our previous blog posts such as “The Importance of Music at Coffee Shops”; the sound and the atmosphere you create play a big role in sales and financial gain at your business.

How about the in-store audio messages?

Did you know that more than 50% of consumers remember hearing audio messages of the ongoing or future promotions in one visit?

In-Store Audio Message

One neuroscience research suggests that “hearing a message lasts 4-5 times than seeing something”

Grocery stores, pharmacies or convenience stores often offer weekly circulars to advertise ongoing or future promotions. But, how many of us have that much time to go through all those pages and buy something that is not on our shopping list? The purpose of these circulars is to make people buy something extra than they planned to and this method of advertisement is failing in this fast-paced century.

Any business can and should benefit from the advantages of in-store audio messages.

Here are some examples of how Jukeboxy Customers are using our in-store audio message service:

Doctor/Dentist Office:  Welcome their customers with a soft and calming voice and include a quick promotion in their messages.

Hotels and Casinos: Promote an upcoming entertainment, concert or Holiday dinner specials.

Fast food restaurants: Let their customers know about the “buy one get one free“ promotions

Pubs and Breweries: Promote their happy hour drink and food specials, upcoming entertainments, and Holiday dinner specials.

Hardware Stores:  Let their customers know about the promotions or give a quick tip about DIY projects.

Grocery stores, pharmacies and convenience stores: Inform their customers about “buy one get one free” promotions or “store card benefits”.

There are countless ways to reach out to your customers with audio messages and benefit from this service with a financial gain.

Background Music and Audio Message service by Jukeboxy Music


If you would like to learn more about this beneficial service and the most suitable background music for your business, we would love to hear from you at 844-666-5853.






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