Why do Businesses leave their current background music providers?

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Our sales department receives phone calls every day from business owners who are looking for a new background music provider for their establishments and we always ask them the reason(s) so that we can provide them with the relevant information.

Here are the main reasons for businesses to look for a new background music service:

Reason No. 1-) They didn’t know that they cannot use a personal streaming service like Spotify or Pandora.

Don’t we all love Spotify? They allow us to create our own playlists and make us feel like a DJ. They are our favorite, too and a great music streaming company ONLY IF you are using it for your own ears (well, friends’ ears are ok, too).

Why do business owners still use Spotify, Pandora or any other personal use streaming company? Some don’t know that they cannot and some think nobody would find out.

Here’s the thing; THEY find out! Who are THEY? They are ASCAP, BMI and SESAC and they are very serious about what they do, period! If you are a business owner and still using a personal use streaming company, DON’T!! Now or later, you will be caught and penalized for it.

When we receive calls from business owners who fell into this category, they are usually very anxious and frantic to find a solution fast! Why? Because if they don’t, they will get penalized and the penalties are usually harsh! There are many online articles you can read about businesses that had to shut down because they couldn’t pay the penalties You can read one of them here.


Business Owner_Background Music


How do Jukeboxy help these business owners? First, we try to calm them down and tell them everything will be ok! Then, we let them know that their background music licenses would be covered with our subscription and provide information about the product and services including custom playlists and let them try us for free and the rest is history. They decide to become our customers (happy customers) and we welcome them with open arms (happy us ).

Reason No. 2-) They are not happy with their current business music provider:

The customers who fell into this category are usually the ones who have been already using a licensed background music provider like Mood Media or Sirius XM for Business.

Why are they looking for a new provider? The complaints include repetitive, outdated and not so unique/selective music or service interruptions (no music during the happy hour, OH NO!!). Some complaints include unresponsive or bad customer service and equipment failures.


How Jukeboxy help these business owners?  We give information about our playlists, how we keep them up to date, fresh, non-repetitive and selective ( we are proud owners of more than 200 playlists, you can preview some of them here ). We give them customer testimonials like “I haven’t heard many of these songs when I had a subscription with X Company for a year. It’s very refreshing and I don’t hear the same song over and over again like I did with the other company” Owner and a Jukeboxy Customer, Buck’s Country Store.

We also talk about how Jukeboxy works when the internet connection is lost or is limited. Yes, it’s the 21st Century and yes there are still internet connection problems, but it is definitely so much better than the times when we were using the dial-up connection, isn’t it? Oh no, I’ve just revealed my age!!

Internet Connection

Remember those days?


Our technology allows Jukeboxy App or software to play continuous music even when the internet connection is lost. Our customers usually have no idea when they lose internet connection because the music keeps playing without any interruption. Of course, there will be glitches here and there, this is technology after all but in general, we are pretty good at it.

Issues? No problem. We are known to have one of the best customer support in the industry, keep calm and call Jukeboxy Support line.

Reason No. 3-) They are opening up a new business and looking for a music solution.

The customers who fell in this category are the ones already knew that they HAVE to use licensed background music and are shopping for the best match to their businesses. Hey guys; songwriters, composers, and publishers love you and thank you!

Business Opening Soon

How do Jukeboxy help these business owners? First, we ask them what kind of business they are opening, then we talk about why Jukeboxy would be a good fit for their businesses.We talk about our playlists, private and custom playlist options, in-store audio messages, convenient apps like Jukeboxy remote control app, multi-location management, etc.

We suggest them playlists depending on their demographic data when they create their free trial accounts with us. We create them a sample schedule and give them tutorials if needed.

We make sure they understand that we know the music business and that they are in good hands. We also know that we grow when they grow and, when they are happy, we are happier!

So, which category you fell into? Let us know and we’ll help you.

Wishing you a day filled with beautiful music.

Jukeboxy Music

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