New York City Starts The Day with Jukeboxy Music!


Did you know that over 150 million people drink coffee daily in the USA only!! And, turns out that New Yorkers drink 7 times more coffee than people in other cities. Now we know why it is called “The City That Never Sleeps”.

Thanks to the coffee shops in New York City that prefers Jukeboxy Music, we help approximately 30K people to start their day energetic and happy with our exclusive coffee shop music.


Gregorys Coffee, Jukeboxy Customer


How Jukeboxy Music helps coffee shops to choose correct music for their branches?

There are hundreds of boutique coffee shops in New York City and each of them has different clientele depending on their location in the city. Some have young professionals who use coffee shops as their office spending hours, some have college students chatting and studying, some have businessman and businesswoman meeting with a client over a coffee and some just in-out customers who needed that urgent pick-me-up coffee.

How do you make all different types of customers happy? It can never be 100% but Jukeboxy is pretty good at it.

Our curators are all experts of different genres who have been in the business for so long that we call them “Genre masterminds”. Some are still pursuing their DJ careers and entertaining people across the globe, some graduated from music schools like Berkeley and some are just lucky to have an amazing ear and knowledge of music.

Not only our curators but also everyone in Jukeboxy Music has some kind of a music background and we all regularly read and educate ourselves about music, new genres, the effect of music in businesses and people and so on…


The Bean, Jukeboxy Music


We always make sure that we have appropriate music for all types of businesses and that our music makes people happy and keep them motivated during the day.

Here are some good to know facts about music:

Fact # 1: Scientific researchers suggest that listening to a certain genre at a certain time of the day has an enormous effect on how our day goes.

Fact # 2: Music moves brain to pay attention according to a Stanford University School of Medicine

Fact # 3: Music keeps the brain young and music therapy has proven useful for treating people with dementia, Alzheimer’s, chronic pain, emotional trauma, and a variety of mental disorders including depression.

And the list goes on and on, which requires another article just by itself.


Ground Central Coffee, Jukeboxy Customer


We are happy and lucky to be in the music business and helping hundreds of thousands of people daily with their moods and businesses to grow.

Wishing you a day filled with great music and a delicious coffee that makes you happy and keeps you motivated.


Jukeboxy Music


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