Venue Spotlight: El Carajo International Tapas & Wines

Jukeboxy Music for El Carajo Tapas and Wine Jukeboxy Music for El Carajo Tapas and Wine

Background music is one of the most important parts of a restaurant business, that we all know.  It is extra important when the owners already created an atmosphere that takes their customers to a new destination with the decoration, food and drink selections. If the music is not right when everything else is so intimate and carefully selected then that business may lack frequent customers.

In August, we were contacted by Kevin Lopez, Sales and Marketing Associate of El Carajo about custom playlists that they needed for their Spanish Tapas and Wine Restaurant in Miami.

The owners and Kevin knew exactly what they wanted for their restaurant. After trying a sample playlist that was specifically curated for their restaurant, they decided to continue with Jukeboxy Music subscription.

We asked a few questions to Kevin about their restaurant and their experience with Jukeboxy service. Let’s see what he had to say.

Jukeboxy – Can you please tell us a little bit about El Carajo?

Kevin Lopez – El Carajo was a humble gas station. Thirty years ago, the 1st generation Fonseca father and sons team joined forces to start a family business. The success of the business afforded Richard, one of the sons, the ability to travel and learn about innumerable cultures and customs. He became enamored with the extensive and eclectic collections of wines from around the world. His desire to share his love of wine drove him to provide a wide selection of global wines in his hometown business in 1989. His love of wine led to his love of food, particularly delicious Spanish Tapas. In 2011, the El Carajo Bakery Café opened, bringing the same excellent experience and quality offered in the restaurant, with style and convenience for those on the go. El Carajo houses one of the best and most varied selections of wine in the state of Florida. It has been written about in countless international, national and local publications, rating it one of the best-kept secrets in Miami. Today, the next generation of sons, Richy, Javier and Carlos, have joined the family business. Combining their father´s love of food and wine with their youthful energy and entrepreneurial spirit, El Carajo has begun reaching new levels of success.

El Carajo has earned its place as one of the top dining locations in Miami because of our dedication to continually providing excellence in quality, service, and experience. We believe that things that make life worth living, such as wine, food and the pursuit of happiness, should be available to everyone.

JB – Why playing music at El Carajo is important?

Kevin Lopez – We use music to create an experience where guests are transported from Miami into present-day Spain, with lively flamenco in the background complemented by our presentation of signature Spanish tapas and our array of wines from Spain and around the world.

JB – Which other music options have you tried before Jukeboxy Music and what made you continue with Jukeboxy after the trial period?

Kevin Lopez – We have previously tried Pandora and Sound-Machine but found Jukeboxy to be much more customizable and simple to create our theme. The curators of our playlists created the experience we wanted to give with just a sample playlist, so we are excited to see what our full playlists have to offer.

JB – How was the communication with Jukeboxy Music when you need assistance?

Kevin Lopez – Our representative was very timely, responding within 24 business hours when possible. With other companies we have found timeliness to be an issue, so we are pleased with how things have gone.

JB – Would you recommend Jukeboxy Music to other businesses?

Kevin Lopez – We will! Helpful service along with music that is tailored for our business, and reasonably priced? Definitely worth a recommendation.

JB – Would you like to add anything?

Kevin Lopez – Our company switched to Jukeboxy searching for a sound that will fit our business, as opposed to a set playlist of similar music. While we were expecting what other businesses have offered, we were pleased to have found a company that was able to create our atmosphere and offers a great deal on service. With what we have seen before even signing up, we can be sure that we will be working with Jukeboxy for many years to come.

JB – Thank you Kevin and El Carajo for choosing Jukeboxy Music. We are honored to have El Carajo as our customer and looking forward to providing you with quality music for many years to come.

El Carajo is located at 2465 SW 17th Avenue in Miami.


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