Jukeboxy Brings Perfectly Matched Background Music to Business Venues

Original Post Link: http://www.digitaljournal.com/pr/3964939

Brooklyn, NY – Soft or energetic, old or contemporary, background music infuses a new life to any venue, business or event, uplifting mood and inducing conversations. Jukeboxy has made it all too easy to play venue matching ambient music with its huge collection of songs in all genres, with DJ selected or customized playlists and a host of personalized features.

Jukeboxy Music for Business offers the ambiance any venue would crave for, be it retail stores, spas, coffee shops, restaurants, hotels or other business locations. The Jukeboxy database carries over 25 million songs, all duly licensed from BMI, SESAC, ASCAP as well as major and indie labels. The genres range from rock and pop to R&B and soul, rap, Latin, Jazz, Blues, Electronic, New Age and others.

It takes only a few minutes to set up Jukeboxy and start playing music with its Manager and Venue Player apps. There is pre-arranged music based on the type of venue, DJ curated playlists and facility to create custom background music. A default schedule plays music on pre-set hourly, daily or weekly basis, and multiple venues can be managed remotely through the app. A fun ‘DJ Set’ feature allows users to create their own mood, genre and decade based custom playlists as part of the weekly schedule. Want to add custom welcome messages and announcements? Jukeboxy allows that as well. The platform is compatible with all iOS, Android or Amazon mobile devices, laptops, PCs and Mac for wired networks, and also offers a dedicated hardware, the Jukeboxy Player Box.

Our music is selective, non-repetitive and up-to-date, thus differentiating us from our competitors. We create branded custom music for brands who want to have their own unique playlists. We can provide service to a single location business or those spread over 1,000 locations. No minimums or maximums here. We are known for our excellent customer support service that exceeds our competitors,” says Yaprak Unsalan of Jukeboxy Music for Business.

The great customer service got my attention, but the time Jukeboxy saves me is what I find the most valuable. I definitely recommend Jukeboxy for anyone who wants great music for their guests without the headaches,” says a valued customer.

A company formed by musicians and DJs, Jukeboxy serves US customers with unbeatable customer service and has recently become one of the few such companies to integrate with Sonos Speaker Systems for business music. Jukeboxy is also a woman co-owned company, founded in New York City with headquarters located at the hip Dumbo neighborhood of Brooklyn.

For more information, please visit: https://www.jukeboxy.com/home.html



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